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"Jan Rydén Bonmot has with his wisdom, his patience and his playful intellect, helped me see beyond my own horizon of knowledge."
Kjell A. Nordström, Ph.D., Economist.
From the foreword of "The Monkey and The Money. A History of Capitalism" (2023), an introductory book on economics published in English and Swedish. My role was as editor and ghost writer.

I am a polymath. Writer, designer, strategist and visual artist. To take on complex challenges such as sustainable transformation I believe we need a thorough understanding of human behavior, cities and socio-ecological systems.

But we also have to leverage the power of design in its many forms.

I like to combine art, design and architecture with economic insights and intellectual analysis. You might call it design fiction. Some call it art. Learn from the past, imagine today, create tomorrow better.

"Learn from the past, imagine today, create tomorrow better."
© Jan Rydén Bonmot